Our Vision


Our brightest expectation is that this family 
of believers will be a Great Commandment and 
Great Commission church--- 
worshipping, loving and serving the Lord with all our heart, mind and strength, while loving our neighbors near and far, and bringing them into a saving relationship with Christ through biblical evangelism, baptism and discipleship. 

In the pursuit of this and until the second coming of Christ, we envision a church…

Where the Word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ is preached boldly, faithfully, and as the world’s only hope.

Where worship is a profound, joyful and life transforming encounter with the living God.

Where members from different races, backgrounds and nationalities gather to work and pray, enjoying a loving, growing, and united church fellowship.

Where those who are hurting, tired or discouraged, those sick, confused or seeking, those young and old, rich or poor can find love, encouragement, and hope as they are brought to Christ, renewed in the Holy Spirit and guided by the Word of God.

Where every member is equipped toward spiritual maturity and become themselves disciple makers for Jesus Christ.

Where believers read, love and obey the Holy Scriptures, and vigorously live out their faith; knowing and joyfully employing their gifts and talents for God.

Where full time and short term missionaries are being raised up and sent out to all the world, with faithful prayer cover.

Where solid church planting and fellow church assistance, is practiced faithfully.

Where Christian families are lovingly nurtured by upholding the biblical template for godly homes.